GUILLERMO M. GOMEZ, ARCHITECT | is a classically trained architect whose work, both historically correct and classically inspired, effortlessly translates into a modern product that reflects the vision of each client at hand.

PHILOSOPHY:  Guillermo Gomez Architect, GGA, produces exemplary projects with creative vision rooted in timelessness, quality and craftsmanship.  GGA impeccably translates each new project as the client would interpret it.  The result of this client collaboration: an exquisite solution that outlasts time's elements and trends, and feels intrinsic for all involved.  But what truly speaks to the firm's ability is the reaction it evokes from satisfied clients.  GGA sets an incomparable standard for excellence, delivering on the belief that all deserve the chance to experience something bespoke and everlasting.  As if trying on cashmere for the first time after a lifetime of other fabrics, clients say GGA's work fulfills a desire that has not yet been realized, and cannot be forgotten.

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HISTORY: GGA was founded in 1993 and has a vast portfolio range in residential, commercial, institutional, retail, and school projects with an architectural license in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  GGA willingly takes on projects all over the world, with the majority of its work located in: Manhattan and the surrounding areas, including Sagaponack and the neighboring regions of the Hamptons, Connecticut's Litchfield and Fairfield counties, including Greenwich, waterfront properties along the Hudson River spanning Westchester County, and northern New Jersey: Palm Beach, FL; The Caribbean, including St. Maarten; the Punta Del Este Polo Farm in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay; Europe, particularly in Paris and Vienna; and China. Guillermo Gomez masters styles that span from the very classically modern to perfected historically correct traditional architecture and interiors.  

GGA's versatile and innovative work continues to grace the pages of the most prestigious shelter publications including Interior Design Magazine, Architectural Record, and Elle Decor. See PUBLICATIONS for more.

Personally, Guillermo Gomez is an avid equestrian who plays polo and designs many equestrian projects.  He has also been a trustee to the restoration of the historic 19th century home of artist Thomas Moran of East Hampton.  He lives in Greenwich, CT married to Valeria Pollak; wife and partner in design.  They have three children and their dog, Luna. 

NOTABLE PROJECTS: While delivering a refreshing take on timeless concepts, GGA does not limit themselves to one type of architecture. With work spanning the globe from residential polo farms in the Hamptons to flagship boutique retail stores on Fifth Ave to privates school and restaurants in Palm Beach, FL, GGA's most prominent and exemplary projects include:

  • A 4,500 square-foot coop apartment on Fifth Avenue and 62nd Street with views of Central Park, gut renovated in a traditional style
  • A 5,000 square-foot Upper East Side penthouse duplex on Madison and 61st Street, combining two floors
  • Interiors of Ghurka's flagship location in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel on Fifth Avenue, reflective of the brand's signature style
  • A Chelsea advertising office that captures the historic mercantile spirit of the neighborhood
  • The majestically modern Montessori Preschools in NYC's Soho and Flatiron districts
  • A triplex and a loft down on Tribeca's Duane Street and in the West Village, respectively
  • A new 12,000 square-foot Sunset Beach bayfront weekend house, bold both in its ultra modern design and in its stature within an area of the Hamptons' Shelter Island that otherwise forbids structures over 6,000 square feet.
  • A timber frame polo farmhouse in the Hamptons that encapsulates "Nantucket-meets-St. Barts"
  • A 21-acre East Hampton equestrian estate, crafted in shingle style, complete with a timeless sweeping roof
  • A villa among the hills of Vienna, Austria, that embodies the feeling of being on Cap-Ferrat, France

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REVIEW FROM FRANKLIN REPORT: "With an out-of-this-world vision rooted in worldly experience, architect and designer Guillermo Gomez achieves a level of unique and unparalleled sophistication. For some, a can-do attitude signifies willingness; with Gomez it stems from a résumé that shows he literally can do it all. Traditional, contemporary, rustic country, city chic – no two projects are similar except in quality: Gomez’s intricate detailing is always top shelf. His commitment to excellence is never for status, but rather an obligation as an advocate for the client. He may have the charisma of a movie star, but his gregariousness stems from a deep knowledge of the craft and a passion for service. His mission is to “discover the client’s signature,” not impose his own. Contractors and other designers echo this claim; all say he is a team leader who wants the best end result, regardless of who gets the credit.

Born in Argentina into a family of nurturing women, Gomez always had a sensitivity to beauty and romance, and sees design as a poetic reflection of these elements. His seven years studying architecture at the University of Buenos Aires translates into a Masters accompanied by certification. Starting in 1987, Gomez worked for several American companies and soon became a registered architect in the states as well, prompting him to open his own firm in 1992. He and five associates take on about ten projects at once, from 4,500 square foot apartment renovations to 18,000 square foot chateaus, priced anywhere from $4 to $30 million. On the team is wife Valeria Gomez, also from Argentina and head of the interiors. Clientele is both international and refined; Gomez will renovate a CEO’s penthouse and then their corporate headquarters, or design a polo farm and then join in on the game.

The firm charges a mid to high percentage of construction, but budget-wary clients should be warned: Gomez simply will not compromise quality. In fact, to avoid budget conflicts, the firm only takes on NYC projects west of Lexington Ave. Those who make the cut enjoy showing off their home’s handsome finishes crafted by what they call an equally “handsome, intelligent, caring” stand out in the trade. AD 100 2012, 2014."